How Tall is Eric Paschall?

How Tall is Eric Paschall?

The Golden State Warriors just picked up their second win of what has been a mostly terrible season through seven games. One bright spot has been rookie second-round draft pick Eric Paschall, who scored 34 points and grabbed 13 rebounds against the Portland Trail Blazers today. But there’s something very strange about him that I just had to write about.

After an impressive 25-point performance from Paschall against the Charlotte Hornets on Saturday, I had to find out more about him. I assumed he was an undrafted rookie that the Warriors had groomed into a monster, but since I wasn’t really sure, I looked at his Basketball Reference page. He’s a 6-9 power forward from Villanova. Sounds about right, was a beast in college. Actually the 41st pick of the draft, but that’s still very impressive.

While I was looking at the box score of the Warriors game today on ESPN, I clicked on Paschall’s name for more info. 6-6 power forward, interesting. I guess the Warriors got him as another Draymond type, undersized power—wait a second—I thought he was 6-9?

So I checked Basketball Reference again.

Yep, it clearly shows that Eric Paschall is 6-9. But what about his ESPN profile?

Hmm…that’s a bit strange. Here it clearly shows that Eric Paschall is 6-6. One of these must be correct, but which one is it? And where is this three-inch discrepancy coming from? Let’s just check his NBA profile, which should have his official height listed correctly.

So there we have it! Eric Paschall is 6-6, end of story, we can move on now.

Not so fast.

Zoom in a bit.

We’ve got a real problem on our hands.

One source says Paschall is 6-9, two sources say he’s 6-6, and now one source says he’s 6-7. We couldn’t figure out whether Eric Paschall is 6-6 or 6-9, and now Google is trying to tell us he’s 6-7? This is absurd!

Time to consult another source. College basketball statistics on Sports Reference.

No. Stop. 6-8? Is this a fourth different height?? Are you kidding me??? I refuse to believe it. This has to be a mistake. Let’s check Villanova’s official height measurement.

According to Villanova, Eric Paschall is 6-8.


Let’s break it down. Eric Paschall was listed at 6-8 in college. When he entered the NBA, he either shrunk two inches, shrunk one inch, or grew an inch. Or the wrong height was listed. That’s the more plausible explanation.

A lot of NBA players list their height incorrectly. That isn’t surprising since they want teams to think they are taller than they really are, but usually the measurements are consistent. Paschall’s height is all over the place. Here’s the best explanation I can think of: Paschall’s actual height is 6-6.5 in socks, an extra inch comes from wearing shoes, an extra half-inch comes from rounding, and another extra inch comes from Paschall wanting to exaggerate his height more. Even that seems like a bit of a stretch.

I need some help here.

11/5 update: Basketball Reference now lists Eric Paschall’s height as 6-6. I think we have our answer now!

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