Welcome to The Seattleite!

Hello! This website was started by two local Seattle residents, Ton Bodin and David Sharkansky, in the summer of 2018. We have since expanded to five writers. Although our goal is to document any interesting experiences or opinions that we have, we primarily focus on sports. All of us here at The Seattleite are big sports fans, and right now we cover the NBA, NFL, and MLB. Most articles are on Seattle teams, but we also write about whatever interests us in sports. We have some articles on topics besides sports, and we plan on adding more variety to our blog in the future.


Ton Bodin

I am a Mariners fan from Thailand with a very strong passion, and I have been one since I started watching them ten years ago. After many years of futility and frustration with the M’s I have emerged from hiding in the cave of disappointment and I am writing with excitement and joy now! Traveling, Hiking, and Eating are three other things among many others that I love to do.

David Sharkansky

I’ve lived in Seattle for most of my life and I became a sports fan in late 2013, first watching the NBA. The first Seahawks game I ever saw was the NFC Championship against the 49ers. I became a Mariners and baseball fan when there was no basketball to watch on TV. I’m still waiting for the Sonics to return.

Derek Zhang

Derek was born exactly 129 years to the date Phileas Fogg completed his world trip in Jule Verne’s Around the World in Eighty Days, 110 years after the 1st ever game of basketball, 78 years after Nepal gained its independence from Great Britain, 53 years after the 1949 NFL Draft (which was held in 1948), and 12 years after Vice President Dan Quayle sent out 30,000 Christmas cards with the word “beacon” spelled “beakon”. Derek once read Around the World in Eighty Days, played basketball for one season as a child, has many friends from India (which neighbors Nepal), once watched the NFL Draft, and thought that story with VP Dan Quayle was funny. Without a doubt, Derek has an abundance of deeply personal connections to that day. It is thus only fitting that he was born on that very day, December 21st.

Amogh Kapalli

I moved to Seattle four years ago and since then, I have fallen in love with Seattle sports. I am a major fan of the Seattle Seahawks and the Seattle Storm. I had previously lived in Portland, Oregon for a majority of my life so I am a die-hard Portland Trail Blazers fan and an Oregon Ducks fan. I also have a major passion for technology and it is wonderful that I live in one of the biggest technological cities in the US with companies’ HQ such as Microsoft, Amazon, Redfin, and T-Mobile.

Jeff Xie

Hello everyone! I am Jeff Xie, I’m a senior at Columbia University in the great city of New York, and I reside in Edison, New Jersey in the college offseason. I’m very excited to contribute to this great publication. Despite my current New Jersey/New York residence, I am a big Houston pro sports fan, having lived in the city from 2001-2009 and having grown up with a love of the Rockets that have spread over time to the Astros, Texans, and Dynamo. As a result, I really love basketball and baseball, particularly college basketball, where I hope to contribute as well as the NBA, MLB, and NFL from time to time.